Whether it is air, sea, or road rail, customer service needs to be more efficient. Shenggan combines the experience, capabilities, resources and financial stability of the world's leading logistics providers, and on this basis provides personalized services that focus on cost savings.


We advocate an open, cost-plus business model and regularly publish performance indicator reports. In this way, you will have a loyal partner with a good track record and believe in "customer first".


Transportation design and deployment

Delivering your goods in a cost-effective manner makes a critical point in supply chain optimization. Because transportation design is inseparable from the business model of the business, Shenggan will conduct a detailed analysis of your current transportation data, and then conduct departmental interviews and business process analysis. With these in-depth knowledge, we can determine the best way to transport and how to achieve cost savings and deliver improvements.


Shenggan offers a complete set of transportation relationship systems, including:

  • Carrier purchase: Coordination of multimodal transport, domestic and international transport procurement, including freight rates, service negotiations and contract management.

  • Shipping Planning and Deployment: We manage the shipping process by incorporating orders into the load, route and carrier selection, tracking logistics, and sending confirmation reports.

  • Model Optimization: We consider capacity, tariffs, and delivery limits based on historical data and/or real-time data to determine the most cost-effective transportation model.

  • Freight Settlement (FBS): SCS audits, processes and pays carrier freight bills

  • Freight Forwarders: SCS assists in the procurement of freight and freight in the open market, as well as the subsequent signing of freight contracts based on transactions.

  • Global Trade Services: SCS provides services that facilitate the movement of goods between countries in the most cost-effective and efficient manner.

  • Global Transportation Management System (GTMys): We have a complete software tool to plan, procure, deploy and monitor all transportation activities of the logistics network.




The world is very broad, a successful importer needs a practical plan and a firm partner.

Shenggan can help you develop your import business and navigate for today's challenging market environment.

The excellence of the import of goods began long before it arrived - often accompanied by challenges from multiple suppliers, overseas warehouse optimization and container management.

With offices in Los Angeles, Shanghai, Qingdao, and Ningbo, and the recently acquired freight forwarding business of England Logistics, we are able to provide our customers with complete supply chain services.

SCS also has a close working relationship with China International Airport (China Internationa Freight). China International Transportation Corporation has made the world's largest non-vessel carrier question that the large contract handled each year reaches 200,000 containers. From overseas warehousing to a whole range of other value-added services, we partnered with CIF to guide our importers' customers through the maze of sea and air to transport their cargo safely and efficiently to the United States.

Once the goods arrive at the port, our West Coast office is the heart of guiding your goods to the market quickly. Shenggan helps you ensure that warehouse and transportation management services are in place, ensuring the best visibility of transportation and connecting with the market.

Let a reliable partner with professional skills just take your goods ashore.




Whether your business is big or small, Shenggan can help you deliver goods to foreign countries efficiently and economically - we understand the ins and outs of suppliers, providing you with customer service needs and competitive pricing.

As an international freight forwarder, SCS is the agent of the exporter, who can deliver goods from the terminal to the doorstep and provide other important services such as:

  • Advice on export costs, including freight, port charges, consular fees, special documentation fees, insurance premiums and cargo loading fees.

  • Prepare and archive the required export documents, such as bills of lading, and send the required documents to the buyer or the paying bank.

  • Provide advice on what kind of shipping method is appropriate and assist in arranging packing and unloading

  • Ordering warehouses for air, train and truck transportation by train

  • Coordinate with overseas customs brokers to ensure that goods and documents comply with customs regulations

We can also help you get the right trade finance, such as an innovative approach like the International Import Bank, or a more traditional choice. As the agent of the Lloyd's of London, the world's most maritime cargo insurance company, we can provide you with a few competitive insurance rates. Regardless of the complexity of your situation, the scs experts will let you know how to get the program done right.

Cooperate with the experts of Shenggan to achieve efficient multimodal transport, marine contracting and full-service, bringing your goods to all parts of the world.


Trade management and customs compliance


Being able to sail in the thorny waters of customs compliance is the core competitiveness of Shenggan

It is the responsibility of importers and exporters to import, classify and evaluate imported goods with reasonable care and to provide any other necessary information to enable Customs to correctly assess customs duties, collect accurate statistical data, and determine whether it meets the legal requirements for other uses (if any) ). Customs will then determine the final classification and value of the goods. If the importer fails to take the correct measures, the customs clearance of the goods may be delayed, and in some cases will be punished for not taking reasonable measures.

The law encourages companies that do not have the skills necessary to ensure compliance with all US and foreign regulations to seek expert assistance to ensure compliance with all import and export requirements.

A key component of trade compliance includes an assessment of current processes and vulnerabilities. Our trade compliance assessment is a detailed review of the company's internal controls on international trade transactions and audits of selected import and export transactions. The assessment is aimed at determining the company's current level of compliance and whether the company's system can ensure that future transactions can comply with trade laws and regulations at a higher level.

After a targeted assessment, the company will be determined to be compliant, and if it finds non-compliance, the company will be required to develop a compliance improvement plan and return the arrears of income.

For companies that are identified as non-compliant, the risk is often high, as customs in the US and other countries continue to measure the company's compliance through more frequent and intensive cargo inspections. And this process can seriously damage the company's on-time delivery plan.

Shenggan provides you with the professional assistance you need to classify and evaluate your products, and develop systems and procedures to ensure compliance with customs requirements.

Whether you are importing, exporting, or both, we can help you manage and comply with customs regulations.

If you would like more information on how to achieve supply chain optimization through working with trading partners, please contact Shenggan.