Opal offers an integrated vendor managed inventory programme to the manufacturing and service industry. We source, supply and deliver line side services and consumables. Our services are tailored to suit the individual customers requirements and specifically, we offer the following levels of service:


  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
  • Integrated Supply Chain Management (ISCM)
  • Consignment Stock


Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and Integrated supply chain management (ISCM) is a business model in which the buyer of a product or consumable integrates with a supplier of that product and the supplier takes full responsibility for maintaining an agreed inventory of the material , usually at the buyer's consumption location (usually a store). This extends to management of the supply chain logistics providers and extended suppliers can also be involved to make sure that the buyer has the optimum level of inventory by adjusting the demand cycles and supply gaps based on historical and Forcasted consumption.


Your organization will benefit from the experience and expertise of Walsh VMI. Please contact us to discuss the benefits of VMI to your business.


By interoducing Vendor Managed Inventory to your business,
you will immediately see the cost savings with a reduction
in down and increased productivity.


Customer Benefits


  • Up to 30% reduction in consumption rates
  • Cost savings delevered byoptimising total stock management supply chain systems
  • Tripartite communication between Supplier, customer and VMI team
  • Point of consumption replenishment cycle
  • Real time Statistical analysis available to consumable steering groups
  • Dedicated Walsh VMI account team to your business
  • Total quality management systems and responsibility for FDA and ISO compliance
  • 24/7 availability, direct contact to your account manager
  • Electronic real time stock scanning and tracking systems
  • Consolidated Invoicing


Supplier Benefits


  • Streamlined communication and consumable visibility
  • Level loaded supply chain and open orders
  • Proactive planning and inventory replenishment levels
  • Eliminate stock-outs
  • Prevent product expiration date via email & text alerts
  • Visibility of multiple locations in real-time, global tracking of all open orders
  • Transparent model on real time consumption rates and forcasted requirements

Cost Savings

Consolidated Global Purchasing

Streamlined logistics Network

Integrated Value Systems

Innovation and Product Development Optimisition

Eliminated Down time / Waste

Optimized Stock Control Systems

Digital Value Stream / 2D Bar-coding

Eliminated Warehousing (Non Value Added)

Integrated Process KPI

Increased Productivity

Optimized Stock Management

Consolidated Invoicing

Redeployed Internal Resources

Line Side Kitting (Point Of Use Replenishment)