Unlock the potential of your company. With the right supply chain strategy, you can realize savings, operate more efficiently and be more competitive.

 The Opal consulting team has a proven track record of supply chain success. We can help you increase revenue. Reduce costs. Improve market share. Improve quality. Deliver more efficiently. Reduce business risk. And more.

We start with an assessment and deliver an actionable implementation plan, not just a stack of technical documents and slide presentations.

This leads to a quicker ROI and frees your internal resources to focus on core competencies. So if you’re looking for a partner that has your business in mind, call on Opal.

Network Modeling

Good times or bad, markets move quickly these days. You need a supply chain that is innovative and can evolve with changing conditions.

Opal can create the model to drive efficiency, improve service and get products to market faster.

We start by analyzing your existing supply chain strategy, transportation and distribution network, sourcing/manufacturing locations and delivery destinations. We don’t take a cookie cutter approach, though. We take into account regional differences in labor, land, taxes, utilities and economic incentives, then we apply proprietary modeling tools to determine the optimal number, and location of, distribution centers, crossdocks and other logistics facilities.

After we identify distribution network options, opal will determine the proper types of transportation for your products. By combining network analysis with cost-based routing and mode selection, we will develop the optimal supply chain network to run your business effectively.

Transportation Assessment

From information technology to carrier strategy to service metrics, Opal Transportation Assessment identifies opportunities for the biggest return on investment.

The Transportation Assessment evaluates your transportation operations, identifying areas with improvement potential and prioritizing opportunities. Scenarios covered include:

  • Current business processes

  • Information technology systems

  • Carrier strategy

  • Mode utilization

  • Cost rates

  • Service metrics

The Opal road map helps your operations reach their full potential and optimize your transportation spend.

Warehouse Assessment

Your warehouse operations need to perform effectively and efficiently to run your business.

Opal’ Warehouse Assessment evaluates your warehouse operations, identifying areas for improved material flow, layout efficiency, inventory slotting and more. We do much more than hand you a document; we prioritize opportunities that will achieve the greatest savings first, giving you a plan and path for continuous improvement.

As part of the warehouse assessment, we analyze:

  • Current business processes

  • Information technology systems

  • Material flow

  • Layout efficiency

  • Inventory slotting

  • Labor efficiency

  • Material handling methods

  • Performance metrics

If you would like your warehouse to operate to its full potential, call on Opal.

Import/Export Assessment

Global trade is big business and it’s fraught with risk. Opal can help you make sense of the import/export business, simplifying the complexities, ensuring compliance and reducing costs.

We assess the following areas:

  • Proper classification of Harmonized Tariff Codes

  • International duties

  • INCO terms

  • C-TPAT programs

  • Cost reduction opportunities

To be effective in global trade, you need a partner who understands your needs and is an expert in international trade to provide a clear path to an effective global supply chain.Opal can show you the way.

Lean Logistics Assessment

Need to drive improvement in your logistics? Opal offers expertise in lean manufacturing to help small, medium and large companies.

Our lean logistics assessment includes:

  • Lean principles introduction

  • Lean logistics training

  • Facilitation of value stream mapping sessions

  • Waste elimination

  • Inventory reduction strategies

  • Process streamlining

Whether you want to cut operating costs, reduce working capital needs, streamline processes or eliminate waste, Opal lean experts can provide the education, training and processes needed to continuously drive improvement.